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Models / Anya Krey

Height:  173 cm / 5'8"
Age:  21
Measurements:  34A-25-35
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Brown
Nationality:  Romanian
Weight:  53kg / 117lbs
Episode 12 - Whores like it rough

J.J., our honest porn-photographer hero who runs the WHORE HOUSE, is off for a shooting on the other side of the city. He leaves in charge a new porn starlet called Lara (played by the sinously lovely Romanian brunette, ANYA KREY). She has eyes that hint of the Orient, a wicked mouth...
This tempting teen, Anya Krey is a proud product of Romania, Bucharest. This place produced a lot of beautiful, famous pornstars in the industry and this teen is the new one to follow. She was born the last 21st of May, 1998. Yes, she was that young, only 19 years old but is very skillful on her job in the adult industry. It is amazing on such a young age she can be able to compete with the mainstream adult stars nowadays. We are very curious of her future as she can be labeled just like them with the combination of her skills and her features.

Anya Krey’s beauty comes with her young looks. Everybody can really see her freshness on her pictures and videos. She also stands out as she knows the best poses and angles when performing. You can really tell that this girl knows what she is doing. In fact, she is doing this with a passion that is why many love this chick With her young looks comes with her natural goodies. Anya Krey is 100% certified all-natural hottie. WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get. Hope she will keep it at least in the future. This girl really is one of the go-to search names in the teen category.

Speaking of her beauty and her goodies, this horny teen got the skills to back up. In fact, she does that with a lot of energy that is why he stands up with her high energy. It fits because this girl is younger than the others but we beg to differ. She really has it as one of her traits and you can’t blame Anya Krey, she loves sex, in fact, she is addicted to it.

Little didn’t we know that Anya started filming her porn by doing it with her boyfriend. That ignites her passion and will to join the porn industry. This beauty moves in Barcelona and started her career there. From there she was labeled the great performer because of her skills. Imagine a beauty like that sucking and fucking huge cocks. Felt surreal seeing a beauty like Anya Krey going nuts on her partner’s cocks. Not only that but seems she mastered the art of anal sex. She got a lot of hardcore anal sex videos and all of it are a must watch.

With all of her videos, she got a lot of gigs in the famous studios such as Mofos, Perfect Gonzo, Private, Reality Kings and a lot more. Anya Krey certainly adapts and gives in to her new fans requests. She is such a cowboy and is eager to discover the world of porn. Her passion for working with her videos includes getting her own orgasm. If she doesn’t have any gigs she admits she works on her own using her sex toy. Look at how horny this teen is.

Currently, Anya Krey is active on Twitter. Trivia is that she gained 26,000 followers in less than a year. It is such a feat for such a newbie like her. Her name really makes some noise because of her teen features and her pornstar skills. Her beauty is one of the best, unbelievable to see a beauty like her doing porn. It is a fantasy fulfilled moment when you watch her. Especially on her anal scenes as she can’t get enough huge cocks fucking her gaping hole.

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WHORE HOUSE is something never before attempted in the world of online web adult entertainment. Nothing as bold or ambitious can be found anywhere. Using film production values WHORE HOUSE tells - week by week - more and more of an erotic mystery thriller. YOU will be grabbed by the balls from the start and want to see how this tale develops, enjoy its twists and turns, along with legions of stunning erotic porn stars performing some of the best wild sex you have ever seen on the web!

EACH WEEK you can experience the outrageous sexy adventures of hard-working, kind-hearted but naïve porn photographer, "J.J." as he finds himself enmeshed deeper and deeper in an erotic labyrinth of strange twists, heart-pounding adventure and wild sex!

EACH WEEK you will enjoy some of the best cock-hardening and strokable pussy on the entire worldwide web as J.J.`s female friends and enemies are played by the hottest and best-looking European porn stars. The mystery will hold you from the first episode as our simple hero finds he has mysteriously inherited a beautiful house in the country. Yet someone keeps breaking in and looking for something, but what ? And why do the bad guys want J.J. dead? Soon the body count starts to rise. This is just the beginning of the mystery and as the story unfolds we meet some dangerous scientists, spies and greedy gangsters... Not to mention every week some of the hottest new sex starlets from all over Europe along with top stars - anal queens, big boobs, teasing teens, volcanic Latinos, cool Russians, stunning Europeans...


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