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Episode 12 - Whores like it rough

J.J., our honest porn-photographer hero who runs the WHORE HOUSE, is off for a shooting on the other side of the city. He leaves in charge a new porn starlet called Lara (played by the sinously lovely Romanian brunette, ANYA KREY). She has eyes that hint of the Orient, a wicked mouth and an ass to die for. She tells him that a new guest checked in late last night, a young guy, not bad looking. J.J. bids her farewell.

Lara goes up stairs to tell the guest his breakfast is ready and to also ask if he would like it inside or out on the terrace ? He is not in his bedroom but creeps up on her and makes a pass trying to squeeze her boobs. Lara is street-wise and tells him off for pulling this kind of trick but, as he`s cute, she is inclined to forgive and forget. The guy, who we recognise as Hector, the young burglar glimpsed at the end of Episode 11 (and played by Czech stud, CHARLIE DEAN), apologises and opts for his breakfast outside.

We next see him finishing breakfast. Lara is feeding some yellow canaries on the terrace and she gossips about recent events at the WHORE HOUSE including the murder. Hector goes off to pack his things but actually to snoop around. He gets a surprise call from The Voice telling him that Lara might get suspicious and it would be best to come back and do the search at night when everyone is asleep. Snooping into some of J.J.`s private papers in the lounge, Hector is caught out by a furious Lara who threatens to call the police. He coolly tries to bribe her with 500 euros but she, being a streetwise kid, offers to kick him in the balls! Hector is not used to bitches talking to a macho man like this and says, "You`ve got a big mouth on you for such a little whore...I`ve got a big mind to stuff my cock down your throat, you cum-sucking little bitch !"

A tough cookie, Lara remains unfazed and tells Hector to get out his cock. He unzips and pulls out a dick which, while not hard, is clearly a monster cock. Lara just laughs. Her dog, she insultingly tells Hector, has a bigger cock than him!

In a rage Hector grabs Lara by the throat, twists around and throws her down on the sofa, telling her, "You`re a nasty little bitch. I`ll show you !" Within seconds his cock is hard and in size it dwarfs any in the series so far, a fuckin` monster dong easily a foot long and thick too ! Lara is dragged to her knees and that giant penis is stuffed into her mouth. She gags and drools, a long line of saliva running out of her mouth. CHARLIE tells the whore to get to work. Porn star ANYA soon shows off her fellatio skills, almost managing at one point to deep throat the mansnake. She also works on CHARLIE`S balls and sucks on them hard as he groans with pleasure. Then he pushes her back and licks her trim slit, working his tongue deep into reach her clitoris. ANYA is the one now groaning in ecstasy.

Next up its a half-missionary on the sofa, followed by full missionary and then doggy. ANYA gasps - no acting here - as this huge schlong gets buried deep up her juicy little cunt. But the bitch loves it too and rides it like the dirty whore she is. When CHARLIE puts her into cowgirl and reverse cowgirl he is able to hammer fuck the slut, ramming his monster at lightning speed up and down her pussy hole. She screams with delight and begs for more. The orgasms are real ! Then we move to spoons as CHARLIE continues the love-making and starts himself to get close to orgasm. Finally ANYA rides him again. Its all too much for CHARLIE who gets up and drags his bitch to the floor, ordering that she suck hard on his balls. Being a real pro, ANYA licks and sucks on his balls, slurping away as CHARLIE builds up to suddenly release his sticky white love juice all over her upturned face! The whore plays with his cum!

The scene cuts to night. J..J. (played by JORDAN HART) returns but is surprised to find the house in darkness. Switching on the light in his office he finds a naked Lara tied up and gagged. The terrified girl relates that Hector is a crook and has threatened to come back and burgle the place at night.

We then get a hint of the next episode as J.J. phones up a domina friend of his called Bella and suggests she might like to come over. He has a job in mind for her...

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