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Episode 4 - Two teens get their holes filled

The Story So Far... J.J., a hard-working but poor porn photographer has mysteriously inherited a lovely new house in the country. His female friends, including porn starlets, say they will help him run it as a small motel. On the side the girls offer "extra services". We know - but J.J. does not know - that a creepy guy known as The Voice - is also after something supposedly kept in the house but we don`t know yet what it is. Two horny local detectives, Bono and Rakosi, have also called by the house but seemed more interested in sex than questions. They fucked together a clumsy cook called Anita. Two cute Russian teens have also turned up looking for work.

When the episode opens the two Russian teens, Vyktoriya and Olga (played by Moscow newcomers, OLIVIA SIN & LINA MERCURY) are tidying up the kitchen. Both are identically dressed in short tight black skirts, white blouses, stockings and high heels and look very hot. A Russian guy arrives to spend a few nights at the hotel (played by GEORGE UHL) He looks like a middle-aged, rather tired, businessman and calls himself Yuri. He seems pleasantly surprised to discover that J.J. currently has two Russians working in the house.

J.J. shows his guest around the place and upstairs, in one of the bedrooms, comments on the fact that Yuri has an attaché case linked to his wrist by a pair of steel cuffs. The stranger admits that the attaché case stays with him at all times. When J.J. invites him to join them for dinner that night, Yuri says he is so exhausted after his travels that he intends to take a hot shower and a long sleep.

Before he has to leave for town J.J. tells the girls to make sure Yuri is comfortable. They interpret this as a reason to go upstairs. The Russian businessman is surprised after coming out of the bathroom to find the teens waiting for him in the bedroom. Both are dressed in very little and they offer him a massage. When he says he has never had two girls before, Olga says that its his lucky day! Soon the two young bitches are sharing his cock, slurping away at his knob until he is begging for more sex. Both teens have trim pussies and Yuri/GEORGE UHL is soon burying his tongue deep into each snatch as he teases away at their clits. After fucking each girl in the pussy he decides to give Olga/LINA MERCURY some back door attention, thrusting her onto her belly as he shoves his manmeat deep into her asshole. She loves it and almost orgasms. Finally, as Vyktoria/OLIVIA SIN licks energetically from below on her girlfriend`s pussy, our businessman shoots his sperm all over the other teen`s face!

Time passes and J.J. returns home. But the house seems strangely silent and he wonders where the girls are? He creeps up to the bedroom and the door eerily opens. To J.J.`s horror and total surprise, Yuri is now lying on the bed - dead with a knife in his chest! He notices that the girls have gone, so has the mysterious attaché case and the bedroom windows are open. Then there is a hammering at the front door. J.J. heads downstairs. At the door are Bono and Rakosi, the two detectives we met last week. They say that they got a weird tip off on the car radio to come over to the hotel. J.J. is in such a state of shock that he cannot even tell the cops what lies upstairs. He just indicates for them to go up and look. A minute or two later they return and angrily ask him why he seems to be wasting police time. J.J. stares at them both for a moment, then runs upstairs to look again. This time, as if in a dream, the body has vanished ! The bedroom now looks pristine, as if no one had ever been there!

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